Dentsu Aegis Japan innovates the way brands are built for its clients by pushing the boundaries of marketing and partnering with Dentsu Aegis Network’s offices in over 140 countries globally, leveraging best-in-class expertise including media, digital and creative communications services.

We are in the era of Marketing Convergence, where existing media initiatives are becoming obsolete due to the increase in consumers' use of multiple media platforms. However, the constantly renewed and complex media ecosystem can be perceived as a significant opportunity.

Carat Japan, Co. Ltd and Vizeum Japan Co. Ltd for Media Planning and Buying, Dentsu Isobar Inc, a Digital Marketing Agency, and iProspect Co. Ltd, a Digital Performance Agency.

Given the current media ecosystem climate, these agencies partner to leverage their areas of expertise in order to provide accurate communication strategies, thereby providing clients with effective results.






Dentsu Aegis Japan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc. Under its corporate umbrella are various agency brands based in London including Media Planning and Buying agencies Carat Japan Co. Ltd and Vizeum Japan Co. Ltd, a Digital Creative agency Dentsu Isobar Inc, and Ditigal Performance agency iProspect Japan.

Dentsu Aegis Japan Inc.

Koichi Kanai

Dentsu Aegis Japan's mission is to provide ongoing optimum marketing solutions that are "different & better" for our clients who face uncertainties in their business challenges arising as a result of two trending disciplines of Marketing Communications: Globalization and Convergence. We strive to contribute to the business of both our Japan based inbound demands, as well as global outbound demands.

  • President & CEO,
    Koichi Kanai
  • Director & COO,
    Soh Sakasegawa
  • Director, Hidetoshi Tokumaru
  • Director, Takaki Hibino
  • Director, Shuji Yamaguchi
  • Director, Takahiro Horio
  • Director, Yoshimasa Watahiki
  • Director, Masaki Nagakubo
  • Auditor, Tsutomu Nishimura


Carat Japan K.K.

Representative Director and President, CEO 
Koichi Kanai

Carat is a fast growing Media Agency with the number one global media network. (source: RECMA)
As the market leader in various media solutions including Digital, Carat's vision is to redefine media, and to boost clients' business value by drawing on the strengths of its knowledge in this ever-changing media environment. With over 8000 employees worldwide, Carat provides client based services in over 140 markets.


Vizeum Japan K.K.

Representative Director and President, CEO 
Koichi Kanai

Vizeum was established to support the new era in media. In modern day technology, the consumer and content are amalgamated through platforms and devices, and technology itself is seeing radical change in brand and consumer environments. Vizeum provides services to maintain the relationship between brand and consumer through various platforms including social media, traditional, and digital.


Dentsu Isobar Inc.

Representative Director and President, CEO 
Hidetoshi Tokumaru

Dentsu Isobar is a Digital Marketing Agency providing one-stop solutions to clients' highly developed and multifaceted digital marketing demands. With presence in over 45 countries and over 85 locations, the company leverages its expertise in cutting edge Digital Marketing, its high capabilities in Product & Service Design, and specialized knowledge in Brand x Commerce to offer creative solutions to clients' business challenges.


iProspect Japan K.K.

Representative Director and President, CEO 
Koichi Kanai

iProspect Japan was established in 2003 as the Japanese arm of iProspect.
An England based company, iProspect is a Digital Performance Marketing Agency with presence in over 55 countries and 88 offices.
Under the umbrella of Dentsu Group's Global Agency Network company Dentsu Aegis Network, the company strives to optimize clients' online marketing investment revenue.


dentsu X Japan Inc.

Representative Director and President, CEO 
Soh Sakasegawa

dentsu X is a global media agency aiming to realize diverse and advanced communication with consumers, transcending the boundaries of the advertising business.
“X” represents experience. As markets are rapidly becoming consumer-driven as a result of the advancement of digital technology, dentsu X focuses on relevant experiences that exceed expectations, and helps companies further engage with their customers.

Dentsu Aegis Japan Inc.
Centralized services to all subsidiaries, including the functions of finance, purchase management, IT, administration, human resources, corporate planning and corporate communications.
12F Nomura Ginza Building, 6-18-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Koichi Kanai
27 Norvember 2001
369,650,734 JPY